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Being Resourceful

The latest "Uniform Consignment Sale" was a big success thanks to:

- Sister Merced

- 3rd Grade class

- 8th Graders (Melanny, Jaime and Jessica)

- Parents (Maureen Barerra, Chinit Cantiller & America Fong)

I also wanted to share with you a message by a special parent:

"I've been using the school's uniform consignment for the past few years now and I cannot thank the school for having this program because financially, it helped me a lot. We all know how much our children uniforms can be so expensive. Our children continuously growing and it only means we will be needing to buy them uniform. I, myself as a single mom will not be able to afford brand new uniforms every time my daughter needs them. The uniform consignment helped me a lot. First, it is very cheap and they're all in very good condition. So why buy brand new ones when you can buy slightly used ones ina much cheaper price."

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