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Today a Reader, Tomorrow a Leader

Co-organizing the Book Fair alongside Ms. Stephanie Nordman, we cultivated a love of reading in our students by introducing reading events: 'Book Talk' and 'Read-a-thon.'

Book Talk: Intrigued by a book sold at the book fair, students highlight an event in the vook, their favorite part, or an image in the book that grabbed their attention. During morning broadcast, students smiled in front of the camera and captured their peer's attention while buidling their self-confidence and enhancing their comprehension to the reading material.

Read-a-thon: There's no better way to encourage a student's rading skill or reinforce good reading habits than a read-a-thon. Students chose their own level-appropriate bok, then drew their favorite part of the story (preschool-3rd grade) or summarized two chapters (4th - 8th grade) stimulating their artistic imagination.

Reading should not be a chore. Reading should be fun and integrated in everyday life - for pleaseure, assignment directions, game instructions, social media, and so on. These two events not only encourage reading in the classroom, but at home as well. There were 81 drawing submissions, and 22 summary write-ups. Way to go, Angels!!!

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