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Student Emergency Kits

Last year Holy Angels School implemented "Student Emergency Kits" for ALL students. Your child’s teacher informed you each student MUST HAVE an emergency kit in the classroom. The emergency kits are part of Holy Angels School’s preparedness plan. In a state of a crisis, if all students and staff are required to shelter in place, your child’s kit will be ready. Some classes only returned the perishable items at the last day of school, and passed their bags up to their next teacher. Please speak with your child's teacher about this.

The Emergency Kit should have all items in 1-gallon zip lock bag labeled with your child’s FIRST and LAST name:

-Use a 3 x 5 index card to write your child’s name, phone number(s), out-of-state contact phone number(s) and emergency phone number(s).

-A family picture.

-A note from you explaining to your child to follow his/her teacher’s directions, that you will pick him/her up as soon as you possibly can; remain calm and not to worry.

-One (1) pocket size Kleenex - NOT a box.

-One (1) travel size first aid kit.

-Two (2) energy snacks (granola bars, fruit squeeze, etc) - please avoid anything containing peanuts or peanut butter.

*NO loose snacks that could attract ants, please*

-One (1) package of unsalted crackers or wafers.

-A small book, stuffed animal, or other toys which will fit inside the bag to comfort your child.


If you have difficulty finding any of these items, it’s always advisable to speak with your child’s teacher or other parents in the classroom. You are always welcome to contact myself or Sister Leonarda.

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