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October: Bullying Awareness Month

Every October, schools across the country observe National Bullying Awareness Month, and the key word here is awareness. During yard duty, students would approach me complaining, “He/she’s bullying me,” or “He/she’s acting like a bully to me.” I realized these students related rudeness behavior with bullying. Referencing the Project S.A.F.E. curriculum, for grades 1 through 5, I provided a psycho-education in the classroom, focusing on several topics regarding bullying awareness: the meaning and different forms of Bullying, what it looks like, and how to take action when they see it.

The book, “My Secret Bully,” was read to the students via youtube video. We processed the book as a group and discussed these questions based on the characters:

1. Who was the bully?

2. Who was bullied?

3. What type(s) of bullying did you see?

4. How could her classmates have helped the person being bullied?

5. How did the person being bullied feel?

6. How did the bully feel?

7. How did the bully feel after the person being bullied stood up for herself?

Focusing on RESPECT, the students shared this:

“What does RESPECT” sound like at school?

  • I’m sorry.

  • Can I help you?

  • Please.

  • Thank you.

  • Do you want to play?

  • Come join us.

  • It’s okay.

  • I’m sorry

“What does RESPECT” look like at school?

  • When you help your classmate up when they fall.

  • Treat your classmates fairly.

  • Teach your friends a new game to play.

  • Include everyone during recess.

  • Have fun together.

  • Don’t cut in line when the bell rings.

  • Encourage your classmates.

  • Care for your friends.

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