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During my childhood, 911 simply meant a call for immediate assistance from the police, fire department or ambulance. For my children, it’s a reminder of September 11, 2001, a day the world will never forget because we were all affected in our own way.

The students displayed the flag at halfstaff in observance of “Patriot Day” to remember and pray for all who perished, defended and continue to help keep us safe. Near and far, many of us can still remember what we were doing the morning the news struck our hearts and witnessed one of the most tragic events in American history.

My children are still young, but last year my husband and I explained the heroism and courage displayed on this fateful day. Most importantly the bravery parents tackled when they explained to their children their mom or dad was not coming home that night. We focused on the good that came from people’s hearts so we can continue to live a wonderful life. My husband and I understand our children will read about 9/11 in history books, as all significant American moments. I was pleased to know Nickelodeon designed a children’s special, “What Happened? The Story of September 11, 2001, anniversary.”

✞ For the Church, that she may continue to provide care and healing for all, especially those affected by the attacks on September 11, 2001, we pray to the Lord…

✞ For all victims of violence and terrorism around the world, and for their families, that they may find comfort and peace, we pray to the Lord…

✞ For the safety of our service men and women abroad, for civil servants who protect us and keep us safe, and for all who live with war and violence, we pray to the Lord…

✞ For our leaders and for the leaders of nations, that they may work together to address the problems that provide fertile ground for the growth of terrorism, we pray to the Lord…

✞ For the ability to forgive and for an end to all hatred, beginning in our own hearts, we pray to the Lord…

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