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Only 5 more days...

For some, school mornings can be HECTIC – screaming from the top of your lungs at your kids to wake up, threats to take some privileges away, and racing against time to get out the door on time. Now imagine the organization involved in preparing for the first day of school. We have less than five days before the start of the 2012-2013 academic school year, and the image I just described is not the most ideal. During these next couple of days, as the parents/guardians, let’s be a positive example to our children. Research shows children are more likely to succeed in learning when families actively support them. The desire to learn is a key to your child’s later success.

1. Be patient.

Practice makes perfect, so we can’t expect them to succeed with their routine the first time. Start now, and by August 27, your child will already be familiar with the routine and succeed.

2. Be calm.

When parents are feeling rushed, there’s a slight possibility we’re rushing our children. You will both be frustrated.

3. Be reasonable.

No tv! This is surely not a punishment, and is a very reasonable idea in the morning. It’s one less distraction you need to worry about, and your child will be able to focus on their routine.

4. Be consistent.

Bedtime can be challenging after a schedule-free summer. Getting children to bed early and wake-up on time requires consistency. For younger children, this routine is not something you want to start August 26. Again, we have less than five days and it will be more ideal to start a bedtime routine today.

5. Be prepared.

You and your child can set out backpacks already filled with school supplies and summer homework, lunch boxes, uniform and shoes out the night before (ex. uniforms hung on doorknob, backpacks and shoes by the door, lunch in a separate bag in the fridge, Kleenex and towel papers already bagged and labeled by the door).

Teaching children to being successfully independent is a perfect way to begin life’s lesson of RESPONSIBILITY. Setting up systems or charts that work for your family take a little time and thought.

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