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Family Night Dinner

Family nights. Or yet, ‘fun’ family nights is a great way to bond – the purpose is to bring families together. Sports practices, piano recitals, dance rehearsals, work schedules and other scheduling conflicts make family meals at the table a rarity. We find ourselves feeding our children granola bars and juice boxes during our morning commute, sipping our coffee and sneaking quick bites of our breakfast at our desk, and resorting to drive-thru for dinner. Despite the feeling that the luxury of family mealtime is at a lost, study from Columbia University reveals 59% of families report eating dinner at least five times a week.

This past Friday, Holy Angels increased this percentage. Students and families of this community held their first Family Night Dinner. From where I was standing, it was a hit. Not only did the event sell out in tickets, but tonight’s “dinner” was the perfect opportunity where parents became the perfect role model and taught their children the importance of giving back, as well as how to be thankful for what they have. It really is better to give than to receive. Parents succeeded the roles in set-up, cooks, servers, and clean-up.

Numerologists say 11-11-11 brings luck. I would like to state Family Night Dinner brought inspiration to many families.

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