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Daddy and Me

Breakfast, school or daycare drop-offs, homework time, deciding what’s for dinner, bath and bedtime. The juggling act to this routine can be difficult, even with two parents. Now subtract one from the equation, making these tasks more challenging. Traditionally, the “caregiver” or “stay at home” role is filled by women. But more and more, men are finding themselves to care for their wife/partners, relative or children. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are 2.3 million American fathers raising their children solo.

When I was younger, movies such as “Mr. Mom” or “Mrs. Doubtfire” conjured a visual of a father with a bad haircut spooning burnt macaroni-and-cheese onto a plate while children are raucously running around the table. Children of this generation view similar movies such as “Finding Nemo” or “Daddy Day Care” portraying a more idealized view of father roles – a shift in roles.

Are men and women different? In my opinion, absolutely! The role of mothers and fathers bring different styles to their parenting roles. What’s important here are the children and their needs.

Today’s Caregiver magazine suggest seven emotional and physical well-being tips for male caregivers to properly care for loved ones:

1.Participate in a support group.

2.Vary the caregiving responsibilities amongst family members or friends.

3.Exercise on the average of three times per week and maintain a healthy diet.

4.Establish time for meditation.

5.Practice time management.

6.Prepare all necessary documents, i.e.: insurance policies, deeds, loans and funeral arrangements.

7.Stay involved in hobbies.

Daly City’s community center, Our Second Home, is hosting a Learn & Play Group for fathers and their young children, ages 0 - 6. Register by calling Nely at (650) 301-3300 or

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