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Labor of Appreciation

The first Monday in September is observed as Labor Day. It is a day set aside to celebrate with friends and family the end of summer and for some, the beginning of the school. Labor Day was created by the Unions to remember the accomplishments of working people in America.

Do you ever hear statements like this from a member in your family during Labor Day weekend?

“What long weekend?”

“I wish I had three days off, but I have work on Monday.”

“You’re lucky you can sleep in.”

Let’s take this opportunity to say “Thanks” to our parents, our grandparents, our relatives, or our significant others. Let’s appreciatethe devoted and faithful commitment they display day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, to jobs providing an income for their family. The benefits of hard work are easily unnoticed, and the work can easily be taken for granted. Saying “Thank You” is powerful when expressed from the heart.

When was the last time you told your parents, grandparents, relatives, or significant other how much you appreciated the responsibility and commitment they display providing for you and the family? Let Labor Day be the moment. The moment to say, “I appreciate you.”

Simple comments on post-its, telephone calls, text messages and face-to-face conversations like, “Thank you for helping our daughter with her homework. I know you had a long day at work. I want you to know I really appreciate it.”

Or, “Between your two jobs, thank you for taking the kids to get their school supplies. Thank you.”

If you’re reading this and an idea pops in your head to turn to someone and express how much you appreciate their “Labor” this Labor Day. Go ahead, tell them. The more you appreciate, the more things you find to appreciate.

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