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Back-to-School Balance Act

It’s that time of the year again – the first day of school. Students and parents are feeling the back-to-school anxiety of the morning rush, homework time, and dealing with school issues. By preparing yourself and your children ahead of time, it can relieve back to school stress. These simple tips can pave the way for a successful start of the school year.

1.Establish bedtime and morning routines.

A routine is especially important to ease the transition back to school. Practice your routine with your child and even time how long it takes them to complete their tasks. Assist your child in laying their clothes out the night before and placing shoes and packed school bags by the door. This will help alleviate any last-minute morning hassles for you and your children.

2.Designate ‘Homework Spot’ in your home.

Doing this with your child can create a positive attitude towards learning and school.

3.School and Safety rules review.

This avoids any confusion on what to expect from their teachers and school environment. This is also a perfect time to discuss school regulations such as the dress codes and what items are not allowed on school campus (cell phones).

4.Talk amongst yourselves.

This conversation can take place at your convenience – in the car, during dinner, or right before bedtime. If you ask the standard question, “How was your day?” expect to hear a standard answer, “Fine.” Asking a more specific questions such as, “What was your most favorite happening today?” or “What was the most interesting thing you learned today?”, will maintain a more open dialogue with your children. This also helps you become more aware of what your child may be feeling your child’s daily activities.

5.Be enthusiastic.

Your enthusiasm will help children maintain their excitement about learning and making new friends. It may even turn their negative attitude into a positive, and decrease their stress level. However don’t discount some negativity your child may express. Validate their feelings and come up with a solution together.

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