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Mock 'Election Day'

Election Day - time to make your way to the polls and cast your vote. As citizens we are given one of the most important roles, the opportunity to choose the leader of this country. Today, it is encouraged to take your children to the polling stations as long as they’re younger than 18 years old. You can show them the action that goes on behind the curtains, and voting shows your child what being a good citizen is about.

Displaying their civic education, Mrs. Kim Cordano organized our very own 5th graders to hold their own mock election. Students had the chance to cast their own “vote” in the presidential race. Today, on Election Day, they enhanced communication skills and political viewpoints, and most importantly, experienced one of the best real world learning experiences.

According to an article in the the Huffington Post, voting has been linked with positive outcomes:

*Strengthens social ties

*Greater health

*Lower stress

*Good example for your children

*Boost quality of life

Recommended books for children:

“Grace For President” written by Kelly S. DiPucchio

“Bad Kitty for President” written by Nick Bruel

“The Kid Who Ran for President” written by Dan Gutman

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